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Our Donors


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Melissa  Hall Atlantic Waste Services
    Bible Lutheran Church
Andrew  Krey Bible Lutheran Church, Inc.
Dorothy  Beno Dorcas Mission Guild
    Edwards Interiors, Inc
Pastor  Green Everlasting Life Christian Church
    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
    Immanuel Lutheran Players
Larry  Groover Laurel Hill Lutheran Congregation
Lesley  Francis Lesley Francis PR
Kathleen  McPadden Naugatuck Savings Bank
    Rotary Club of Richmond Hill
    Rotary Club of Savannah West
Anthony  Pizzo Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum
Darwyn  Dickmann St. Paul Lutheran Church
    Zion Lutheran Church
William C.  Abbatematteo  
Paul  Alberti  
Charles  Anderson  
Thomas  Arden  
Kristy  Armstrong  
Frederick  Baillargeron  
Zocia  Barr  
Robert  Baugniet  
Earl & Connie  Bazemore  
Charles W.  Beck  
Astrid  Bengtson  
Torben  Bernfeld  
Edwin  Boger  
Kenneth & Ruthie  Boyd-Robertson  
Phil  Boyd-Robertson  
Robert L.  Bradford  
Raymond  Brown  
Mikell Francis  Cates  
Charles  Clark  
Gary & Susan  Clark  
Betty  Combs  
Joann  Conaway  
Cindy  Cupp  
Charles & Joan  Dewing  
Shirley  Dickau  
Robert & Frances  Dotton  
Elisabeth  Dowd  
Brian  Dufour  
E.L. “Gene”  Epting  
Preston & Mary  Exley  
Nicholas & Penelope  Farley  
Curtis A.  Fischer &  
Brent & Louisa  Fisher  
Lesley  Francis, PR  
Cathy and Jay  Fredlund  
Alice  Funk  
Horace C  George Jr  
James  Gibbons  
Eva Mae  Goldwire  
Kimberly  Good  
Mabeleen  Goods  
Ray & Judith  Gottschling  
Melba  Grieshaber  
Phil & Kathy  Harp  
Sue Metz  Harris  
Sonja  Hegymegi  
David  Henderson  
Paul W. & Faye W.  Herrick  
Martha  Herrington  
Bob & Beverly  Hilderbrandt  
Jack  Hill  
Carlton  Hodges  
   Hofmann & Schweitzer  
John  Howard  
Albert  Jabs  
Dr. Thomas & Cynthia  Jamieson  
Gerry & Barbara  Jenson  
Larry  Josephson  
Richard  Kessler  
Joanne R.  Kimball  
George  Kinney  
Emily  Kircheval  
C. Dean  Klahr  
Evelyn  Kletke  
Richard & Janette  Kline  
Karin  Klingman  
Eric  Kolasa  
Charleen  Kramer  
Andrew & Sally  Krey  
John and Carlene  Krey  
Peter & Nora  Krey  
Susanna  Krey  
Tirzah M  Krey  
Tommy and Martha  Lack  
C. DeWayne  Ladner  
C. DeWayne & Kathy  Ladner  
Dr. Phoebe Krey  Lanzoni  
Rev. David F & Wanda  Larson  
Lynn  Lilly  
Priscilla  Loring  
Eric & Lisa  Lowrey  
Bradley  Lucas  
Craig  Maggioni  
Ralph  Maggioni  
Rose  Mancini  
Sal & Gem  Martone  
Bernice  Mayer  
Jay Dean & Peggy  Miller  
Joe  Morgan  
Rhoda and James C.  Morris  
Herbert  Nease  
Gunther H.  Neumann  
Clark & Jan  Nienow  
Viola  Noffsinger  
Peter L.  Norgren  
Barbara & Steve  O’Keefe  
David G & Audrey C.  Olson  
Douglas & Patricia  Olson  
Carol  Page  
Clark and Jean  Paradise  
George  Patterson, III  
Warren  Paulson  
President  Polk  
Mike & Carol Ann  Poynor  
Ann R.  Purcell  
Mary Olsen  Ragsdale  
Ruben  Rahn  
W. Clate  Ralston  
Walter and Irene  Rapp  
Michael & Joann  Reiser  
Don & Mary  Rieder  
Bob  Rogers  
Elaine  Roinson  
Richard & Erika  Roland  
Louise  Saugstad  
Shirley  Saulnier  
Shane & Emily  Savastano  
May  Sayles  
Martha & Robert  Schmehling  
Phillip  Schnell  
Frank  Scholz  
Judie & John  Schwalm  
Barbara & Joseph  Schwanebeck  
John & Catherine  Shaw  
Gerald  Showiak  
Floyd  Smith  
Jeffrey  Smith  
Mark  Smith  
Larris  Snelgrove  
Lillian  Solvang  
Summiko  Sommervold  
Tommy & Terri  Strickland  
Janet  Swanson  
Benjamin  Tablada  
Joyce  Timpson  
John  Toler  
Gene & Judy  Turco  
Walton  Usher  
Elizabeth  Vetell  
Lydia  Volz  
Timothy  Vorel  
Kit & Ralph  Weiss  
Wilma  Wells  
Ed  Wexler  
Hans  Wiedemann  
Vernetta  Williams  
Paul  Winemiller  
G. Justin  Zizes