Fundraising Appeals

Please consider giving generously to help us move closer towards realizing our goals of providing a bigger and better facility to help more seafarers in more ways. Call or email Chaplain Andy Krey at or 912-826-0206 for more information about tax effective donations to the Maritime Bethel in Savannah.   In anticipation of the 40th Anniversary of the Maritime Bethel at Savannah, might we suggest a donation of $40 a month in support of our mission. Learn More Here –



The most important practical aspect of our work is to meet and greet the seafarers who have traveled thousands of miles and who have not seen anything but their ship, the sea and industrial ports, often for many months at a time, and then to TAKE THEM AWAY for just a few precious hours to stores or to our Bethel where they can contact loved ones at home.

Dr Charles & Joan Dewing With Seafarers

Dr Charles & Joan Dewing With Seafarers

Of course, this not only depends on the tireless work of our volunteers to transport seafarers and funding the seemingly endless tanks of diesel fuel but on having reliable transport available. Our 2001 mini-van was not only damaged but had nearly 300,000 miles on it so with a value of $1,327 and repairs to the value of $3,700 we had to retire this vehicle. )  Our fleet is down to three roadworthy (for now!) vehicles and we urgently need a new mini-van to transport up to 6 people at a time.

    We have been awarded an I.T.F. grant for a new 2017 Sprinter which has been a blessing but does not eliminate our most urgent priority of obtaining an additional van.  We continually get calls from the port saying that a ship is in port and the seafarers are waiting for our vans to arrive and we need vehicles for our missionaries to visit the ships which we call ‘deck plate visits’.

Please, consider giving whatever you can afford –preferably in $100 increments, to help us raise the money we urgently need – we are nearly a third of the way there. If you would prefer please give a donation of one month’s supply of diesel fuel of $485. For more information contact Chaplain Krey or to donate to our Transporting Seafarers appeal please click the Donate button below:



James-Oglethorpe-modelWe plan to memorialize in perpetuity all those who served in the shipyards and afloat by placing a larger scale model Liberty in a place of honor in a London museum and another on display here in Savannah at an overall cost of $10,000.

It so happens that the first Liberty of 88 built in Savannah slid down the ways on November 20, 1942 and was named SS James Oglethorpe. She was sunk by Uboat action on March 17, 1943 with the loss 44 of the 74 crew. These circumstances have secured her place in history and the models will be named in her honor. Please, consider giving whatever you can afford –preferably in $100 increments, to help us raise the money we need for this project. For more information or to donate to our SS James Oglethorpe Appeal please click the Donate button below:



Introducing a fun and pain free way for organizations to donate to seafarers… A congregation in Bristol, Connecticut, where Chaplain Krey served as pastor for 14 years, asks members to donate the spare change we all accumulate on our nightstands or weighing down our pockets or purses, to the Maritime Bethel at Savannah. So quarters, nickels, dimes and yes, pennies, are all collected at the church and sent (fortunately as a check) to help fund the vital support the MBS provides to seafarers from homes thousands of miles away.

This is a simple way for churches, workplaces and social clubs to raise money – one penny at a time. For more information or to donate for ‘Nautical Miles of Pennies’ please click the Donate button below and enter your donation amount:



Short Term Missionary, Pastor John Van Hemert visiting with a ship’s crew at the Port of Savannah after conducting a Holy Communion Worship Service.

As with most non-profit organizations, we rely on our devoted band of volunteers to (using a mechanical analogy) act as the ‘engine’ which realizes our mission to provide a ‘home away from home’ for international seafarers. However engines cannot run without fuel. We are privileged at the Maritime Bethel at Savannah that talented individuals choose to devote months at a time to working, for no pay, with us.  We need to fund their work here. Please help us to sponsor our full time volunteers scheduled for 2018 at a cost of $425 a month.

Meet Jacob

Jacob left an assignment with the Peace Corps and hopes to return to college in the Fall but he will be working with us for eight months from January. He is fluent in Russian and knows a few other popular ‘sea going’ languages.

Meet The Paulsons

Warren and Virginia Paulson left their home in Michigan to spend three months working with us at the Maritime Bethel at Savannah in 2014.

For more information or to donate to our Maritime Missionaries program please click on the appropriate button below:

Ongoing Monthly Donation

One Time Donation



It is hard to be away from home at any time but when we are sick or need hospitalization it is especially difficult and stressful. Add to that language and cultural barriers and it can quickly become a nightmare.


Crewmember Aboard Ship

Future Care’s specialized program called ‘Caring For The Crew’ offers the ship owner the option to have a medical advocate, also known as a Nurse Case Manager. They are assigned to a crewmember who will provide onsite or telephonic counselling in the crewmember’s own language and provide translation services throughout the crew member’s recovery process which includes communicating with the crewmember’s family at home. Please consider supporting this campaign to help seafarers at their most vulnerable times. The cost of initial intervention is $500 but we appreciate whatever you can afford. For more information or to register for ‘Caring For the Crew’ please click the Donate button below:



The Maritime Bethel at Savannah has regular monthly payments to sustain the practical and spiritual support provided by our ministry to the approximately 13,000 seafarers helped every year and around 2,000 annual ship visits.




Help seafarers contact loved ones at home by funding:

One order of International phone cards – $430

One month’s cost of Wi-Fi at the Bethel – $195

100 postage stamps – $49

One month’s rental of the mobile phone for seafarers left on duty on their ship to call home from port – $96




We are not affiliated to any one church but offer faith based Christian support:

One case of ‘WaterWords’ – special bibles for the people of the sea – $319

One month Pastoral Services from the Maritime Bethel at Savannah – $525



bethel house

Keeping the doors open and the facility functioning is vital to our seafarers:

One Month Air Conditioning/Heating Bill – $285-385 (pending season)

One Volunteer’s T.W.I.C. card to allow access to the port – $132.50

One month’s supply of diesel fuel for our mini-van to transport seafarers – $485



wreathPlease think about how it must feel to be thousands of miles away from home and loved ones at Christmas; truly ‘at sea’ in every sense of the meaning. The Maritime Bethel has to start preparing now for sending cherished Christmas gifts far out to sea on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Believe us, it means the world to these seafarers that Christians in the USA remember them and care. Will you and your congregation consider making the wonderful gesture of providing Christmas gifts to those at sea this year? Each ship has a crew of 22 so donations in multiples of 22 are ideal but we appreciate whatever you can spare with our heartfelt thanks. For more information or to donate this Christmas please click on the Donate button below: