Christmas-at-Sea 2017


It is not to early to prepare for Christmas-at-Sea

Every Christmas Maritime Bethels world-wide strive to provide a small gift to all seafarers who find themselves at sea on Christmas Day. The Maritime Bethel at Savannah has been delivering this Christmas joy since our inception. Here is a suggested list of gifts enjoyed by seafarers. Can you, or your church or civic group provide a box of gifts for just one ship? The vast majority of ships have 22 crew.


Christmas Gifts can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 884, Rincon, Georgia 31326 or dropped off at the Maritime Bethel any time before December 14th when gifts will be prepared for delivery to ships.


Christmas-at-Sea Suggested donation items include:

Candy Bars




Noodles (to boil in water)

Box of Chocolates


Knitted watch caps and Balaclavas

T-Shirts with Savannah or USA theme

Gloves: both work & dress

Souvenirs made in the USA

Pocket Knives

Post cards with Savannah or USA Theme

Inspirational poems, posters and pictures

Hanging cross for bulkhead

Christian or inspirational symbol for bulkhead

Cards with bible verses or prayers

Daily Devotional Books

Anything with professional sports teams’ logo

Waterwords: Sea reading for the People of the Sea

Scripture Portions

Pocket-sized editions


*A $5 International Calling Card and a USA T-Mobile Sim Card

The MBS can purchase calling cards for $4.50 and Sim cards for $10.75-$36.95, depending upon the number of GB and shipping/handling fees. We also know the countries that are needed most e.g. Philippines, India, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Madagascar, South Korea, Croatia, Montenegro, Kenya, Tanzania & Turkey.


Check around your home or office, are there any gently used-like new items you think a 30-55 year old male would appreciate for Christmas? If so, bring those in! We will take them and distribute!