SS James Oglethorpe Appeal

We plan to memorialize in perpetuity all those who served in the shipyards and afloat by placing a larger scale model Liberty in a place of honor in a London museum and another on display here in Savannah at an overall cost of $10,000.

It so happens that the first Liberty of 88 built in Savannah slid down the ways on November 20, 1942 and was named SS James Oglethorpe. She was sunk by Uboat action on March 17, 1943 with the loss 44 of the 74 crew. These circumstances have secured her place in history and the models will be named in her honor. Please, consider giving whatever you can afford –preferably in $100 increments, to help us raise the money we need for this project. For more information or to donate to our SS James Oglethorpe Appeal please click the Donate button below: